Who? Vicky Lee-Middleton (blonde, ambitious, mum & Gemini)

Where? I'm based in Glasgow, Scotland -  but I work all over the world

What? I specialise in boutique wedding & family portrait photography

Why me? Read on...

"The way I shoot a wedding is all about storytelling. My pictures follow your day and tell the story of what happened. I capture people, locations and moments as I find them. I believe the best photos are the ones which aren't staged - the ones which no-one knows you've taken - the ones where the smiles are real and not for show - the ones when you and everyone else are having a total ball!

I love a quirky shot - sometimes I'll have you standing against a weird wall, down a cool little lane or sitting at a bus stop...just run with it - I promise you'll love them!

Whatever kind of wedding or event you are having I’m all about going with the flow.

My style is friendly and relaxed - every wedding and photo shoot is different, everybody is different and every occasion is different - I don't do standard and will always meet up with you beforehand to discuss what it is you would like."

For more information and to get in touch regarding photoshoot packages, or to just say hello, feel free to head to the contact page.

Ps…want to know who Ruby is…just ask! 




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