Sorry – how long did you say???

How many of you have been a bridesmaid and been left BLOODY STARVING because you’ve been off ‘getting the photos done’ for what seems like an age?

Well I’ve been that bridesmaid - I feel your pain. I’ve had to forego canapes, bubbly, and all sorts of amazing chat from my guests / pals / family because of the length
of time the photos took.

Seriously, this one time – TWO WHOLE
– I spent climbing over rocks, looking round trees, all that jazz and not a glass of Prosecco in sight. Now that, bride and grooms, is simply ridiculous and one of the
reasons I decided to get into this wedding photography thing.

I knew what I didn’t want when I got married and every wedding I shoot has the complete opposite vibe going on from what I’ve described above.

We don’t live in the 1970s. Couples don’t just get 10 photos
all staged and formal to sit in an album and on the mantelpiece. Neither do we live in the 1990s when hideously awkward seemed to be the choice photos of the decade (think brides lying precariously in the arms of the groomsmen who look like they’re about to keel over).

Yes, you can still have that if you want - there are ‘traditional’ photographers out there - but before your feel the pressure from the parents to do just that – please reconsider. It’s all different now,  THANK GOODNESS!

What I LOVE RUBY PHOTOS is about is capturing the STORY of your day.

So, taking you and your wedding party peeps away for hours on end does not lend itself to that story at all.

Someone once told me the day before I got married to make sure we took time to sit back and look around. Watch the people, enjoy the food, chat to as many people as possible and forget about the mammoth task you’ve just organised. It was SAGE ADVICE because your wedding day flies by excruciatingly fast.

Ask yourself ‘What do we want?’

And if the answer is that you want to be able to show your story to your kids and grandkids one day - then a documentary, storytelling photographer is for you. Same goes if you want to remember the smiles and faces of all your guests. Same goes if you want to make yourself laugh and cry at the candid moments you won’t even remember happened.

This is what I do - I make memories for you and YES I’ll take you away for some gorgeous shots of
the two of you – but that will take minutes not hours. Yes, I’ll get you some group
shots (but you’ll limit that to around 10-12) – then the rest of is it is just
the real stuff.

Vicky x

You’ve heard the phrase ‘Dance like no-one is watching’ yeh? Well here’s my opinion on why photos of ‘the dancin’ are worth it!

Take a drink won’t you? (I’d love one but I’m working thankyou)

Oh you’re still here, you poor thing, did you get your tea? (Yes, it was delicious wasn’t it?!)

I’m getting a dance with you later okay? (probably not…)

Ahhh the joys of the wedding shoot where everyone’s a little bit pissed - which let’s face it is most weddings I’ve been to!
I’m not employing the mechanics of sarcasm when I say ‘the joys’ - it GENUINELY IS A JOY to be accepted into a wedding party where people want me to drink, dance and be merry - just like them! 

Sometimes photographing the end of your big day can result in the most real, fun and memorable shots. 

It’s the time of the wedding day when the shoes are off, the kids are either conked out or high as kites and most folk are ready to order bottle of fizz no.4! 

Brides and Grooms kiss with genuine passion. 

Best Men and Bridesmaids dance like they did on the stag and hen do’s. 

This combined means  HAPPINESS is RAW and ready to be captured on camera. 

So if you’re swithering as to whether you’d like your photographer to stay for the first dances…it might just be worth it for the album. 

 Love, Vicky x 

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